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ProCene® & ProCNano®

What are ProCene® and ProCNano®?

ProCene® and ProCNano® are new, high-quality, scalable, carbon-negative graphene powders offering exciting possibilities for the commercialization of graphene!

Raman spectroscopy examination data shows that ProCene®and ProCNano® are equivalent to, or in some respects, superior to other commercially available graphene powders made using conventional graphite based methods. TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) revealed that ProCene®and ProCNano® have a single atomic layer thick hexagonal (aromatic) cubical structure.

This subtle variance from the typical platelet form of other graphenes offers unparalleled opportunities for enhancements in a variety of applications. These materials offer remarkable strength, flex/ modulus and thermal and electrical conductivity.

These enhancements are attributable to the patented biomass feedstock conversion process resulting in an extremely pure, high quality and highly consistent, yet distinct carbon materials. 

The graphene product is available in two grades:

Graphene Nanoplatelets: ProCNano®

· A mix of single layer and multi-later graphene

· Chemistry:

· 92% carbon

· 7% oxygen

· Hydrophyllic

· Available both dry and in suspension.

Graphene: ProCene®

· Very high quality (from Raman data)

· Chemistry

· 99% carbon

· Hydrophobic

· Available both dry and in suspension.

Early benchmarking and client evaluations in a variety of commercial applications such as polymers (including CFRP), concretes and cements, asphalts, paints, coatings have all demonstrated extraordinary performance using GrapheneCR’s ProCene® and ProCNano®graphene powders.

Potential Applications:

· Reinforce cement

· Reinforce asphalt

· 3D printing

· Electrical conductivity

· Thermal conductivity

· Batteries

· Paint

· Strengthen materials

· Reinforce plastics

· Lightweight armor