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Our Vision

The Vision of GrapheneCR

The vision of GrapheneCR’s founders is to, “heal the earth”, by making high quality graphene powder at prices accessible enough to reshape entire industries.

We believe that graphene, specifically our  ProCene® Graphene Powder and ProCNano® Graphene Nanoplatelets are the key to solving many of the world’s problems. By turning biomass into affordable graphene for industry, bio-char and clean water for agriculture, and hydrogen to create clean energy, our revolutionary, carbon-negative manufacturing process is helping to create a better, cleaner world for everyone. GrapheneCR’s goal is bigger than just building a company; our goal is to create a cleaner world!

GrapheneCR is committed to realizing graphene’s potential by making our graphene powder accessible for research and commercialization by industry and academic institutions; From major universities to classrooms in even the most remote corners of the world, our aim is to put graphene in the hands of students and researchers everywhere and witness people create greatness- the universe is limitless!

GrapheneCR's vision of a cleaner world

GrapheneCR's vision of a cleaner world

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has long been an international leader in environmental conservation and the protection of natural resources and intends to become the first carbon-neutral nation in the Americas. The Costa Rican government is developing plans to begin offsetting all of the country’s CO2 emissions using budgeting, laws, and incentives, including measures to promote biofuels, hybrid vehicles, and clean energy. Costa Rica is also home to a thriving agricultural industry which produces plentiful and economical biomass feedstock year-round, offering GrapheneCR a strategic advantage over other locations.